Earning on NFTs is way easier and more profitable than it seems

The Non-Fungible Tokens have won the digital asset market over the last months. By March 2021, their market has already passed $180 000 000 attracting the attention of both crypto enthusiasts, artists and such world corporations as Louis Vuitton, Vodafone, Nike, Samsung and many others. And while ones are releasing quotes about NFTs: “Crypto natives are starting to understand the value NFTs bring to verifying the authenticity of the original artwork.” (Richard Chen, CryptoArt.io), others like Mark Cuban are selling their own quotes as NFTs or put celebrities’…

The Quppy customers are offered 0 fees for all inbound and outbound wire transfers until June 1 2021.

We are happy to announce that we have reduced our fees for all incoming transfers in euros and British pounds to zero. You can now profit from receiving and sending funds to and from your IBAN account opened with Quppy.

This promo is valid until June 1 2021.

The promo rules: https://support.quppy.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019386757-Promo-rules-19-04-01-06-2021

The NFT hype: latest trends in Blockchain

Why those tokens are worth millions and why they matter in the Blockchain space?

NFT is a non-fungible token being unique and irreplaceable by its nature. The basis of NFT is exactly the opposite of all digital and traditional currencies as they can be traded for another item giving its buyer or seller a fully identical financial item. NFT tokens are based on the Ethereum Blockchain protocol standing out from, for example, the ETH coin itself by storing extra information.

NFTs can stand for anything digital in its origin including pictures, paintings, pieces…

After Tesla announced its 1,5 bln and future plans for BTC, the market gets showing new records

Tesla recently announced its $ 1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin in a regulatory filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as part of company annual earnings report. This report states that Tesla board of directors approved an updated investment policy in January 2021 to provide “more flexibility to further diversify and increase returns on our cash that is not required to maintain adequate operating liquidity”, having $ 19.38 billion in cash and cash equivalents at the end of 2020. Tesla announced…

“Another option is Quppy. This one has a very secure core wallet function but, unlike many, also allows fiat storage. The company behind the wallet is now including account topup from any bank card, and their own prepaid cards are almost ready to be released soon. Quppy are hyper secure and they are building an all-in-one financial super app…”


As the so awaited 2021 is accelerating its way, let’s analyze the fintech development paths to watch and follow over the next 12 months

The 2020 definitely became a turnkey milestone for the fintech industry as the whole world understood the ineluctable necessity of totally contactless and fully digital financial and banking services. The whole industry fastened its development. So, what disruptive changes are there to expect this year?

The recent Blockchain service providers survey demonstrated a significant increase of 14% in fintech projects moving into production while in 2019 this same parameter was at 5% only. Although, it turns…

Today, when Ai stays one of the hottest and most discussed tech trends, it is definitely trying to be fit into more and more innovative as far as traditional economical and social spheres of our lives. And finances in all their diversity are, without a doubt, one of them.

AI is meant to improve the whole business process, speed up and optimize financial services by improving their automation and efficiency. This already implemented by various banking, neobanking and payment solutions only show the very surface of how AI could be integrated into finances to completely revolutionize the landscape.

The very…


Quppy is a digital all-in-one payment solution.

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