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What are the lessons to learn from the Facebook “networking issues”

On Monday, October 4, both social media and communication platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crushed for around 6 hours. …

Crypto currencies and Blockchain technology are booming over the last several years. While more and more audiences are moving towards the endless possibilities offered by digital currency market, the same primary question on the right service to chose keeps rising. The right service means, of course, secure and reliable yet…

As the title of non-fungible tokens states, one NFT token cannot be replaced with another one. This is the core feature that differs NFTs from Bitcoin or any other digital currency. Yet, this key feature does not mean that the NFT token should always be a unique piece of digital…

European fintech startup Quppy has closed its B-round at a very ambitious valuation of 25 mln euros

The Quppy digital financial solution was designed back in 2017 by a group of reputed tech enthusiasts, financial, and banking specialists. Quppy is operating on the European market since 2018 while expanding the…

Due to our customer recognition, Quppy is now listed in the global real-time index of fintech companies and rankings of fintech ecosystems by Findexable — the global real-time index of fintech companies and rankings of fintech ecosystems:

We thank you for your trust and support!

Earning on NFTs is way easier and more profitable than it seems

The Non-Fungible Tokens have won the digital asset market over the last months. By March 2021, their market has already passed $180 000 000 attracting the attention of both crypto enthusiasts, artists and such world corporations as Louis…

The Quppy customers are offered 0 fees for all inbound and outbound wire transfers until June 1 2021.

We are happy to announce that we have reduced our fees for all incoming transfers in euros and British pounds to zero. You can now profit from receiving and sending funds to and from your IBAN account opened with Quppy.

This promo is valid until June 1 2021.

The promo rules:

The NFT hype: latest trends in Blockchain

Why those tokens are worth millions and why they matter in the Blockchain space?

NFT is a non-fungible token being unique and irreplaceable by its nature. The basis of NFT is exactly the opposite of all digital and traditional currencies as they can…

After Tesla announced its 1,5 bln and future plans for BTC, the market gets showing new records

Tesla recently announced its $ 1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin in a regulatory filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as part of company annual earnings report. This report states that…

“Another option is Quppy. This one has a very secure core wallet function but, unlike many, also allows fiat storage. The company behind the wallet is now including account topup from any bank card, and their own prepaid cards are almost ready to be released soon. Quppy are hyper secure and they are building an all-in-one financial super app…”


Quppy is a digital all-in-one payment solution.

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