Luxury Brands all around the world turning towards digital currency acquiring

3 min readDec 6, 2021


What are the game changers in crypto massive adoption in 2021?

Over the 2021, Bitcoin together with other digital currencies have seen their ups and downs. While BTC was showing new price records, it has also win in its own legitimacy. As Bitcoin is accepted as a legitimate source of funds, it is also entering the payment field in different economical spheres.

The hospitality sector is definitely one of the pioneers in crypto acquiring worldwide. This trend indeed is related to the COVID-19 pandemic as this sector still remains one of the most sensitive and affected one. The Kessler Collection, a US luxury hotel brand, started accepting various cryptos, including, of course, Bitcoin this spring. The company Chief Financial officer declared the decision helping to reduce forex rates for their international customers. Swiss five-star luxury hotel Chedi Andermatt started accepting payments for their services in crypto currencies. The hotel was discovering this payment option for over four years to start accepting both Bitcoin and Ethereum since August 2021. According to the Chedi Andermatt General Manger, this new payment method opens wider payment possibilities to its customers and shows the company respect of the new technologies appearing on the market. In September 2021, the award-winning Sri Panwa Phuket hotelier group also began accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and USDC as a payment method. In the meantime, The Paviliobs Hotels & Resorts remain the one to accept the biggest number of digital currencies for the stay. This number now reaches 42.

In fashion, Philipp Plein is the outstanding pioneer. This German designer started accepting 15 digital currencies for his items on his official website. According to Plein, his aim is to become the Crypto King in Fashion. Other major players are still either using Blockchain technologies for the counterfeit prevention (LVMH) or for launching their own NFT tokens (Burberry, Karl Lagerfeld, Dolce&Gabbana).

Mass alimentary brands show their open-minded position in accepting digital currencies for the meals they offer their clients. The Pizza Hut franchise in Venezuela allows purchasing pizza with Bitcoins in this region. Some of the Subway restaurants also sell their delicious subs for digital currencies. While KFC Canada had a limited “Bitcoin Bucket” offer that could be purchased with BTC, Burger King in Venezuela started accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoin and Tether.

Sport fans are now also able to spend their crypto currency savings as Miami Dolphins, Dalls Mevericks and Benfica entered the game and offered their fans a crypto payment option for tickets and official merchandise.

Even tech giants including Microsoft do not stay away from crypto acquiring. While Microsoft enabled topping up clients’ accounts in Bitcoin, Overstock, Virgin Galactic, Gyft and Express VPN integrated digital currency payment acceptance methods.

Quppy is deeply contributing to the direct digital currency acceptance. The Quppy Acquiring Solution allows both online and offline businesses to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.