Quppy to successfully close another investment round

European fintech startup Quppy has closed its B-round at a very ambitious valuation of 25 mln euros

The Quppy digital financial solution was designed back in 2017 by a group of reputed tech enthusiasts, financial, and banking specialists. Quppy is operating on the European market since 2018 while expanding the range of services provided and a number of regions served including Latin America, Africa and Asia. During these years of development and growth, Quppy has turned towards the BaaS implementation and adoption together with a scrupulous work on fruitful synergies between digital currencies and traditional banking and financial services.

One of our key goals is to provide our customers a brand-new personal banking experience on an everyday basis while contributing to norms of Open Banking mechanisms all around the world.” — shares Dmitry Nikiforov, the Quppy CEO and co-founder.

Despite the pandemic situation, Quppy has shown promising metrics as the project launched a number of important contactless payment and financial solutions to help its customers in this turbulent period. As a result, Quppy has successfully closed its B-round in the beginning of June 2021 at a valuation of 25 million euros.

“We are proud to close this round despite general decrease in financial activity on both EU and US markets. Our metrics, including the constantly growing number of customers, of partners, a widening range of services we offer our clients and our expansion to Latin America show that we are responsive to market tendencies and clients’ needs.” — he states.

Quppy is a European fintech startup with over three years of impeccable financial expertise. The Quppy all-in-one contactless digital payment solution offers all kinds of financial services with traditional and digital funds. You can open a digital multicurrency bank account in Euro and British pounds in several minutes using your mobile device only. Quppy is currently working on debit and credit cards launch as far as bank account and card consolidation, investment and saving solutions.




Quppy is a digital all-in-one payment solution.

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Quppy is a digital all-in-one payment solution.

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