The BNPL future of e-commerce in the post-pandemic world

  • Dividing payments into small amounts that need to be repaid in a short period of time (for example, weeks);
  • Installment of a larger amount over a long period of time (for example, months).
  • Reducing the number of abandoned carts and increasing conversions. The Buy Now Pay Later service is integrated into the customer journey in the store and thus the buyer instantly gets access to the amount that is needed to purchase a product or receive a service. When paying with Buy Now Pay Later, the buyer can choose a convenient payment schedule for the purchase, and, as a rule, without interest or with a small commission. All this reduces the number of abandoned carts and turns visitors into buyers.
  • Increasing the average check and increasing sales. Lack of funds at the moment is one of the most common reasons for abandoning a purchase. If the online store offers to pay for the goods in installments, then the chances that a person will make a purchase increase significantly. According to official surveys, the average BNPL purchase is 2–3 times more productive than the average store purchase.
  • Higher lifetime customer value (LTV). The use of BNPL services helps to increase the income associated with all future purchases of each client. A positive experience of purchasing the right product on attractive terms can turn a customer into the regular one.
  • Reducing the number of returns of goods and increasing working capital. If the consumer choses BNPL as a payment method when placing an order, the BNPL service pays the store immediately after the goods are shipped. This is exactly how BNPL allows the merchant to receive funds more quickly instead of waiting for the goods to be delivered and the payment on delivery. Moreover, consumers purchasing an item with BNPL are less likely to return it upon delivery. This is facilitated by a small monthly payment instead of a total sum payment.



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